Carson City Veneers and Implants

Dental Implants: Diagnosis and Restorative Procedures

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular method for replacing missing teeth. In this procedure, titanium supports are surgically fused with your jawbone, and act as an anchor for naturally looking false teeth. Dental implants are not only used for individual tooth replacement, but can also be used when replacing multiple teeth as an alternative to dentures.

Advantages of dental implants

  • Implants are extremely natural looking
  • Fusion of the implants into your jaw make them very stable and comfortable compared to traditional dentures
  • They last a lifetime


  • Our implant cases are planned in conjunction with Carson City's leading implant surgeons; their dental CAT scan technology ensures the correct and precise placement of the implants. Dr. Amorati will then restore the implants with dental crowns and bridges,or specially attached dentures. The restorations are made locally, by the leading dental laboratories in the Carson-Reno area.